Here is what some had to say after receiving games during the holiday season:

Thanks for the Speak DC cards. I got it the day after you shipped and gave it as a gift to my Fed friend on Christmas Eve. She loved it!


Paul (Illinois)

Thank you for the great acronym game I received in the mail! I first used the cards to quiz my Navy/government employee/news buff husband (who did rather well).


Mary (Virginia)

Mary Jo, you are making the world smarter with your games, everyone can benefit from playing them. I look forward to learning more and having fun!


Cammie (Wisconsin)

The games look great! I bought two for entertaining. I can’t wait to invite some friends over, set up the card tables and play together for a fun night!


Bob (Minnesota)

Thanks for the terrific games! I’m taking them to show my friend who heads the home school association in this area!  Teachers should know about these games.


Janet (Indiana)

 Wow! You should take one of your games to teachers in every district and watch them take off! I’m taking a copy to my son’s school.

Julie (Wisconsin)

This is hilarious! When I first started my job, I couldn’t believe all of the acronyms associated with government programs and had to ask co-workers to tell me what they meant. I’m taking this to the office!

Susan (Michigan)


Here are some testimonials from the Chicago Toy and Game Fair on November 19-20, 2011

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about Speak DC at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair. I love the concept of learning our presidents and senators and turning it into a game. I know that my kids retain more information when they learn in a fun environment.


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Cristine Struble


The games of Chitag were really jumping this year!…I wish I’d gotten a chance to play one of these. They teach politics and the language of politics, and looked extremely interesting.

Patrick Matthews

(published in Games for Educators)