Speak MED!

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Need an EKG? Tore your ACL? Trying to decipher your lab results, diagnosis or doctor's recommendations? Get SpeakMED! 105 acronyms most would rather not know, but should. On the other hand, why not make med school, teaching and understanding fun? Great for students, teachers, patients, and word game lovers! For even more fun, buy our Acronym Ace Series Combo Pack! xo, Dwight D. Duck.

Product Information

speakmedposter2(Available soon. Pre-Order Now!)

Each game contains 105 bookmark sized cards in a convenient, plastic display and play case. Cards are made of high quality, casino playing card stock. Acronyms are presented in three levels of difficulty with a corresponding point structure of 5, 10 or 15 points for correct answers. The game is played by two or more players and perfect for parties or events! Acronym Ace Combo Packs, which include SpeakSPORTS, SpeakTXT and SpeakGOV, are also available. All games are made in USA.