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Parli-Cards has developed a series of original, fun, educational games just in time for holiday gifts! Three of five of the new games are currently in production and enjoyed an enthusiastic response when they were unveiled at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair on November 19 and 20!


Here is what Cristine Struble of More4Mom’sBuck had to say:

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about Speak DC at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair. I love the concept of learning our presidents and senators and turning it into a game. I know that my kids retain more information when they learn in a fun environment.


Currently, I have a Holiday gift guide on my website. I would love to work with you on a review and/or giveaway.. . . In addition to my personal mommy blog, I write several columns on the Examiner.com, including a column on children’s toys and entertainment. Please consider including me on future promotional emails as well.

And, here’s what Patrick Matthews published in Games for Educators on the Parli-Cards series of games:

“The games of Chitag were really jumping this year!…I wish I’d gotten a chance to play one of these. They teach politics and the language of politics, and looked extremely interesting.”

You can be among the first to own and enjoy the games, designed to delight players from ages 8 to 98, with delivery guaranteed by Christmas for orders placed before December 15!


Your host and tour guide, Dwight D. Duck, will lead friends and family through two new board games: Presidents & Founding Fathers, and U.S. Senate. Each of these games includes custom playing cards, question cards, chips, dice, and a game board. A set of original games and rules are provided in accompanying literature, and any traditional card game can also be played with the custom playing cards!


While playing, learn to recognize current statesmen, how Congress works, and how the Electoral College system works, along with interesting facts about our Presidents and Founding Fathers! Much of the information delivered is required teaching at various levels – perfect for teachers, students, clubs, and families who enjoy learning things worth knowing about our country’s founding, history and government.


Play as individuals or in teams to tackle questions at beginner or advanced levels. Let lawyers, lobbyists, history and political science majors test what they think they know against what they really know! And, if that’s not all, include our third game to decipher the alphabet soup of federal agencies and learn to speak like a show off with Speak DC!


Parli-Card games are gifts, games and souvenirs – order yours today!